Intervention de l’ACSEL à la 5th European e-Commerce Conference

Quand :
15 octobre 2013 Journée entière
Où :
The Renaissance Hotel
Rue du Parnasse 15
1050 Bruxelles

The Single Market Act II, adopted by the European Commission in October 2012, included the realisation of the Digital Single Market for Europe as one of four fundamental drivers for a more competitive and prosperous Europe. This was supported by a Communication on e-commerce and online services, and earlier this year (2013), the Commission published a « State of Play » regarding the E-Commerce Action Plan 2012-2015. Hosted by EDiMA, EMOTA and the European Commission with Forum Europe and taking place as part of Single Market Month, this conference will assess the progress made thus far in tackling the barriers to greater cross-border electronic commerce and will be a significant stock-taking opportunity as we move towards the new European Commission and Parliament period in 2014.

14:30 – 15:45 : Distribution

In the final delivery to the consumer of their purchased goods, whether digital or physical, the efficiency of the process is key in continuing the positive trend for ecommerce in Europe. The privatisation of the postal operators across Europe and many new market entrants offering different services, has led to a big shake up in the postal and logistics sector. On digital distribution, recent controversies such as the failed ACTA negotiations have left the copyright and IPR fields in need of greater clarity. What are the next steps for policymakers and businesses in determining a clearer, more efficient future of the distribution of goods purchased online?

Panel Discussion
•    Werner Stengg, Head of Unit, E3. Services, DG MARKT, European Commission
•    Jean-Rémi Gratadour, Managing Director, ACSEL – Association Of The Digital Economy
•    Representative, International Post Corporation
•    Representative, UPS Europe
•    Representative, EMOTA/EDiMA


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